12 O’Clock Boys script

12 O'Clock Boys screenplay pdf

12 O’Clock Boys screenplay pdf

12 O’Clock Boys script pdf
Release Date: January 31, 2014 (limited)
Studio: Oscilloscope Laboratories
Director: Lotfy Nathan
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Genre: Documentary
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Plot Summary: 12 O’Clock Boys script pdf To Baltimore locals, the 12 O’Clock Boys are hooligans – a group of urban dirt-bikers that perform death-defying stunts at excessive speeds through traffic and impressively evade the hamstrung police, who must adhere to a no-chase policy to maintain public safety. Yet they are heroes to Pug, a bright, young adolescent living in the city’s dangerous Westside neighborhood with his charismatic mother Coco, extended family, and a menagerie of animals to which he tends in his long-standing hope to be a veterinarian. Yet as his obsession with the 12 O’Clock Boys grows, his desire to join the bikers begins eclipsing everything else in his life, much to Coco’s dismay. Filled with stunningly kinetic footage that puts the viewer on up-close ride-alongs with the bikers, “12 O’Clock Boys” provides a compelling and personal story of a young boy and his dangerous, thrilling dream

12 O’Clock Boys script Pdf